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How To Do A Back Clap Push Up

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back clap push upFirst step is to Master your basic push ups. If you are not doing at least 20 well form push ups then the strength to commit to this move is simply not there. Your push ups should be done at full range of motion for this will help you later when trying to propel your body upwards. 00:09

2. Once mastering your basic push up you can move on to explosive push ups. push ups while pushing away from the ground. At the very top of the push up, push your body as explosively as you can. At first this will be probably not even leaving the ground, but just getting up faster than you have in the past. Practice this not for an amount of reps but for an amount of height. Keep a low rep range like 3-5 and just try to go higher each time. 00:26

While practicing any explosive push ups you always want to keep your face facing forward, thus keeping your chin forward. This is in case anything goes wrong ensures you land on your chest and not your face. 00:52

3. Once reaching the point when your hands can leave the ground confidently the next step will be simply to bring them to meet halfway. “Clap” This exercise right here is a keeper for helping all explosive movements in the future while keep your risk of injury low. 01:07

Simultaneously as you are gaining strength you want to be working on your flexibility to make sure your hands can reach behind your back. Due to inflexibility this will be challenging for some. Can practice first the dynamic stretch of trying to clap behind your back, than focus on static stretching by keeping your hands behind you. 01:20

4. Once getting to 8 – 10 clap push ups next is to practice the technique to ensure when you go for it you land it. We do this by going to a higher platform where the pushing phase will be much easier and you will be delayed in the air longer because of the leverage of your feet. Also want to spread your feet wider than normal to gain more help from your legs. Now practice with small reps of 1-2 going for the elevated back clap push up. Once you feel better here, close the feet, than try it on the floor. Always face forward. 01:40

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