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Update: FightMetric responds and more

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Fightmetric now confirms that the stats were changed after the fight and a lowered number of strikes for Alexander Gustafsson were entered as in the pictures we posted earlier here.

An incredible 77 strikes were removed from Alexander Gustafsson’s total strikes.

“We perform a slow motion review process to get an official count”. “Many strikes that appear to land in real-time do not actually land, which is why we watch in slow motion. If you had looked at any other fight on the card (or any other card), you would see a similar transition from unofficial to official statistics.”

Isn’t funny how the first statistics from Fightmetric tend to move towards controversial decisions?! This is not the first time we have asked Fightmetric about their work. Last time was in the fight Between Davis and Machida. MMA Planet thought the final stats changed to favor Phil Davis. What is the first thing people look at when there is a controversial decision? Fight statistics. And if these are not correct and fair it will undermine the entire sport of MMA.

We asked Fightmetric if the people who reviewed the video of the fight in slow motion are kept in isolation so their review is fair and balanced.

Answer: Slow motion review is done during the fight, so it is impossible for the scorer to know who won the fight, since it hasn’t ended yet while they are scoring the fight. They are indeed in isolation.

They are not kept isolated we say. Fightmetric says otherwise but we find no policy or information about that anywhere. Also the mere response when we asked them about it shows that they have never been asked that question before. They say there is physical hinder for them to find out. We say we live in 2013 and everyone has cell phones and more. Unless fightmetric issues a specific public rule and policy for keeping those who review the video after each fight, the stats are NOT fair and balances. 

Who pays for the cost during UFC events when Fightmetric is present?
Answer: UFC subscribes to their service

Who pays for the refs and judges when they are brought from US to other countries?
Answer: UFC. UFC can say that the Athletic commissions are choosing the judges how much they want. But fact is they are financed by UFC and they bring in judges from USA.

Whether you believe UFC, the judges and Fightmetric are in an unhealthy relationship or that the people that review the video of the fights after decisions are biased after hearing the result is up to you.

The fact remains that people are no saints. If you have a US judge and he is watching a US fighter fighting a Swedish fighter in UFC it really can’t be fair. Just imagine for a minute a football match between England and Germany and the refs are from Germany for example. It would never ever happen. Would be riots in England. It is really that simple!

UFC needs to start bringing in judges from non competing fighters.

And don’t get fooled by Dana White. He was very happy with the decision yesterday and Alexander Gustafsson won’t get a rematch. Business is always better with a UFC champion from USA.

Last but not least a big pussy warning to all the so called MMA media(americans) who shit their pants when people posted the link to our original story and deleted them.
Sherdog for example. We know you are scared of posting anything that criticizes UFC. At least be open about having a vagina between your legs.

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