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Mike Pierce needs to stop crying

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You’ve all heard about Rousimar Palhares getting cut from UFC and that his win bonus was withheld because he held the heel hook too long. Rousimar Palhares is with other words unemployed right now. He handled this very bad from the beginning. Had he already in the post fight interview apologized for holding too long and made some kind of excuse none of this would have happened. Instead by not doing that he gave his carrier to the fake MMA media to rage and gossip about. Many of the same MMA media wanted and demand him being cut from the UFC(Yahoo sport for example). Mike Pierce himself and his manager demanded serious repercussions from UFC immediately. So by now you think both Mike Pierce and his manager should be happy. But No!

“I’m just really pissed off right now,” he wrote to MMAFighting.com via text message.

Now Mike pierce is instead raging all over internet about how much pain he has in and how much damage the submission has caused.

Really? We had Frank Mir ripping of entire arms from people and Ronda Rousey doing armbars on girls that you can’t even watch for more than 2 seconds.
Here we got a grown up man that is bitching and crying all over over internet about how much pain he has.
What is he angry about? That he lost? Because he did lose to Rousimar Palhares: Maybe that is what he is aiming for. To change the decision.
Well there is a first for everything and Mike pierce is definitely the first UFC fighter who has cried so much about in injury.

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