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Fightmetric edited the fight stats with 54% to favor Jon Jones #UFC165

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Fightmetric releases LIVE round by round results and after each fight they view the fight and if needed watch it in slow motion before they release their final official statistics over UFC fights.

Why is this interesting? Because we have in several different occasion noticed the official stats differ hugely compared to the ones releases live.

What do these fight have in common?

  • At 100% of the times the difference has been huge it has been during controversial decisions.
  • The change has always favored the winner in a controversial decision.
  • The winner in the controversial decisions we have noticed has always been American
  • The fights we have noticed have always been american vs foreign fighter
  • Judges have been American judging from their names

The fact the most major MMA media don’t have the balls to talk about WHY THE HELL there is always american judges is just insane. This is not acceptable in any other sport. But maybe MMA practiced under the promoter UFC is not a sport after all. No matter how much Dana White tries to market it as one.

So finally here are the photos from Fightmetric stats poste don UFC.com

Tot strikes        Before                                                               After

Jones              Gus                                         Jones              Gus

120                  191                                         137                  114

+14%              -40%

77 strikes were removed from Alexander Gustafsson’s stats and 17 were added to Jon Jones stats.


UFC 165 gustafsson vs. Jones V1

UFC 165 gustafsson vs. Jones V3


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