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Exclusive: Alexander Gustafsson: “I was not impressed by Jones performance, not at all”

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Alex it has now been confirmed that you are fighting Jones for the title next. How do you feel?

I am very happy. But I had counted with me getting the next shot. I am calm and collected not hysteric.

How long have you been training for Jones?

The focus is now on Jones and the title. The training is now being adjusted after Jones and formed after that. It’s just for me to start doing the training. 

Training will be adjusted after his Jones strenght and weakness. It doesn’t mean that I am training very hard atm though.

I am doing my off-season training. Lots of heavy lifting, new and different techniques and when we have a date then we can start the camp.

When do you think the fight is going to ?

I don’t know actually. Maybe in autumn.

Where would you like to fight him?

In Sweden of course but I am sceptic. I think it will be in USA.

When you saw the fight tonight, what did you see in Jones fighting? Anything new or different?

No, not really. Very creative, tries to do his style and pushes forward, very unorthodox as usual.

But I am not impressed, not at all. He just did enough to win. Thats it. He dominated the guy for 5 rounds. He didn’t do anything he hasn’t done before.

He didn’t wanted to talk about you or a future title fight in the post fight presser?
I donno. I kinda understand him. He has just fought a 5 round fight. I understand him.

It makes you tired mentally. The circus around you, everything… But it doesn’t matter. He knows that the two of us will fight. I know it. It’s just a question of when.

How do you think the coming months before the fight will be? People are still speaking about the last fight. It increases the expectation for the next fight.

It’s going to be a war. The hardest fight in my life for sure. I am going to to my homework. I know what is expected of me now. I know how it is to go 5 round against him now.

He has learned a lot about me and I have learned about him. But I know that I can be the best in the world and I am going to be the best in the world.

I am going to go for the finish. I am going to finish him. There is no victory by decision for him this time.

He barely won the fight be decision the first time but the second time we fight, I am going to finish him and take the belt. That the way it’s going to be.

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